by Martin Herden

(Extracts from Berlin for Young People)

The new official marketing slogan “365/24 Berlin” states that Berlin is always happening (around the clock, no matter what) with no dearth of activities for its visitors. Weekend easyjetsetters, refugees, party crawlers, cultural travelers, curious visitors from around the world... - they all look forward to the plethora of activities and the fact that you can get by here on a micro-budget. We’ve put together a few options for your next visit to the Hauptstadt.

Once again for this issue of our tourguide, we have marked 5 to 10 “best of’s”. If you’re in a hurry this may be enough for you. You should perhaps consult “Berlin to check off” (p. 29/30) to include all the obligatory main points of interest. All the rest is meant for the curious readers. For Culture and History we have more elaborate articles, but the most important places in Berlin might sometimes appear small and insignificant. That’s why we placed our chapter “Places / Scenes” right in the middle. On each neighborhood map, we marked a few nice streets in green so you will not get lost. When you ride a bike or walk along these streets, you’ll become easily acquainted with that neighborhood without unnecessary detours.

Each year, we print a new edition of our tourist guide but we are working on it throughout the year. For the latest entries, check and for smartphones

We hope you find those inspirational moments and embrace the chance encounters while skimming through the many layers of our beloved Berlin.